Before choosing a style of betting at the online bookmaker PariMatch, it is recommended to study in detail the subtleties of the basic strategic models (flatts). To date, there are 4 types of flat: static, aggressive, academic and chaotic. It is advisable to consider each of them in turn.

  • Static flat recommends players to bet 1% of their initial deposit. If the account initially has $200, then the amount of each prediction should be equal to $2. At the same time, it is not allowed to deviate from this amount even by fractions of a percent. Naturally, such a strategy is unlikely to bring big earnings, but it will help beginners to understand the essence and peculiarities of betting.
  • Aggressive flat betting implies fixed rates of 3% of the initial pot. If the capital consists of $200, then each prediction should be made for $6. This strategy is suitable for experienced forecasters.
  • An academic flat can be called a mixture of the first two. Its main condition will be the size of the bet from 1 to 3% of the capital. The player chooses how much to stake, but in the case of a $200 bank, one prediction should not exceed $6. The minimum threshold is $2.
  • A chaotic flat is a typical strategy for a beginner who does not yet understand betting. Such players make bets with a non-fixed size. If you like, you can bet 10%, 50% or even 100% of the pot at a time. There are no financial restrictions in this case.

Whatever type of a flat, the forecaster should follow some common rules:

  • It is not recommended to raise the size of the following after a series of successful bets. There is no white streak in betting, so a winning streak can end at any time. Consequently, a player may lose even more money than he has earned from several successful predictions.
  • If an upsetting loss of a bet followed, it is forbidden to make a new one in the near future. Any sensible forecaster needs time to work on his mistakes. Otherwise, there is an increased risk of trivial wagering, when a player blindly makes risky bets on big money.
  • The size of the bet should be equal to a certain percentage of the initial deposit. It is forbidden to determine it by the size of the current pot.